4 mistakes to avoid when designing a gravestone

A gravestone should be designed and constructed in such a way that it is both durable and visually appealing. Here are some mistakes to avoid when designing a gravestone.

1) Avoid making the engravings on the stone too small, difficult to read, or crowded together

If the words on your gravestone are too small, they may become unreadable over time. Those who visit your grave may not be able to tell at all what the engravings say after some years have passed. Crowding lines of text together also makes them hard to read. A good rule of thumb is to make sure each line has about 10 characters per inch if possible, with 10 being 0​-​0.5 inches of space.

2) Avoid using too many colors on the gravestone

It’s best to use one color for writing on the gravestone if possible so that it is easier to read. If you have more than one color, spaced evenly out or written in a pattern, the words may become difficult to distinguish from each other. In addition, when you add too many colors to a gravestone, it can cause them to be distracting from the focal point of the grave—the headstone itself.

3) Avoid making your text artistic rather than legible

You don’t want people visiting your grave because they appreciate the patterns and pictures in the stone instead of paying their respects at your burial site. Make sure there is a clear distinction between the headstone and the engravings on it, so that your visitors know where to pay their respects.

4) Avoid using too much lettering or textual decoration

Don’t add extra border designs, swirls, connective pieces, or other elaborate lettering to your gravestone if you want to make sure that people can actually read what is written on it. Too many complicated borders will interfere with the text itself. In addition, over-the-top artistic flourishes may detract from the focal point of a grave—the person who died and whose burial site you are visiting. Because gravestones serve as memorials for deceased individuals, they should be simple to represent the person who died.

Avoid these mistakes to get the right gravestone design that serves the intended purpose better.